April 19, 2016

Prince in Atlanta

What I wore to the Piano & A Microphone Tour show in Atlanta
In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I was headed to Atlanta to see Prince's Piano & A Microphone Tour.  Well, needless to say, the show was a-mazing!!!! Over on my other blog, I posted a review of the show.  I thought I would share a little of it here.  

"Atlanta! Please forgive me for cancelling.  We're here now!" Those nine words were enough to drive the crowd at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta into a purple frenzy.  Then as Prince's delicate fingers glided across the keys of his piano and we were greeted with the familiar, "I guess I should've known by the way U parked U're car sideways.." the crowd absolutely lost their minds and would not find them anytime soon.  And that is how Prince took over Atlanta.  Exactly one week after having cancelled his shows due to the flu, here was Prince taking us to a place many had never been, to musical nirvana.  Seemingly fully recovered from the illness that caused him to cancel the previous week's shows (although we later found out different), the Kid was in rare form tonight if I may be so bold to borrow a line from a little known film called Purple Rain. As has been customary on the Piano & A Microphone Tour, Little Red Corvette was mashed up with Dirty Mind and I have really gotten used to both songs this way.  As he has done the last several performances, Prince added in the Linus and Lucy Theme during the instrumental break of the song and this really brought a reaction from the crowd.  At first many were like, "What is that song?" or "Where do I know that from?" Then when they realized what it was they were like "Oh my God, Prince is playing the Peanuts!!!" Plus the coy looks he was giving the crowd during this segment added to the whole appeal of the song.  The song ended as usual with the "can't nobody do it like I do" bit we have become accustomed to on this tour.
From there, Prince launched into a heartfelt Nothing Compares 2 U. After apologizing again for having to cancel the previous week, Prince goes on to tell us how his dad taught him how to play piano.  He then starts playing Chopsticks saying, "He didn't teach me that, I taught myself." He then tells how funk is space and how his father couldn't sing but shows how he would do this funky little scat with the music.  That leads us to Joy in Repetition which has long been a favorite of mine but has earned new found respect hearing it in this context. The way he uses the piano to accentuate the song is amazing.  Bringing to life the rain, the thunder and the emotions felt in the song with 88 black and white keys and that amazing voice of his.
After Prince whispered the words "Love me" to close Joy in Repetition, I was not at all prepared for what was about happen next.  I couldn't believe my ears.  I looked around at the crowd near me and all I saw was confusion as many of them had no idea what song he was playing. But yes, he was actually playing Muse 2 the Pharaoh from The Rainbow Children.  I hadn't heard this live since the ONA tour. After this, all I could do was wonder where we were headed next?
For more of the review, head on over to Spookie Electric's Playground. Until next time... 

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