June 28, 2023

Profound Comment From 35 Years Ago

Have you ever had someone say something to you that sticks with you through the years. You know, something so profound or eye opening that you’ll never forget it. I was recently telling me wife about a conversation I had way back in 1987 or so.

I was hanging out with a couple of friends and Russell looks at me and says, “Walker, you’re all right. I consider you one of the brothers.” I sort of chuckled and started to say thanks. But before I could, Terry said, “Hell, I like you more than that. I don’t consider you one of the brothers.” Oh, guess I forgot to mention that both of these young (now older and wiser) men are African American but you probably figured that out. 

After this proclamation, we all just sort of laughed it off. But later I thought back on the conversation and realized what Terry was saying. He was saying he didn’t want me to have to endure the issues he had to deal with every day. That has stuck with me for all these years. Now, with everything going on in the country, I’ve been thinking about that conversation… a lot. Thank you Terry for making me think.

Then, on the other hand, maybe I have it all wrong and Terry just thought I was an asshole.