July 26, 2023

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Trailer Reveals New Friends and Adventures

Star Trek fans were treated to an exciting surprise at San Diego Comic-Con as the highly anticipated trailer for Season 4 of "Star Trek: Lower Decks" was unveiled. The upcoming season promises to take our beloved Ensign heroes on a thrilling ride filled with new friends, unexpected challenges, and intriguing mysteries.

In Season 4, the crew of the Cerritos will encounter T'Lyn, a Vulcan scientist previously seen in the memorable Season 2 episode, "wej Duj." Her insatiable curiosity led her to join Starfleet, but it also caused friction with her fellow Vulcans, resulting in her assignment to Starfleet. T'Lyn's appearance is sure to bring delightful complications to our quartet's lives and friendships.

Additionally, the Lower Deckers will be joined by a new fresh-faced Ensign, adding to the dynamic of the team. As our heroes gain more experience, some may even find themselves rising through the ranks, opening up new opportunities and challenges. However, a mysterious threat targeting Starfleet ships awaits them, promising intense investigations and high-stakes action.

Alongside the excitement of new adventures, the trailer hints at a comical encounter with "the worst game ever made in Star Trek history," teasing more humorous moments to come.

Mark your calendars for September 7, as "Star Trek: Lower Decks" Season 4 will begin streaming on Paramount+. With new faces, thrilling missions, and unexpected surprises, the latest season is set to be a must-watch for all Star Trek enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on an intergalactic journey full of camaraderie, danger, and endless possibilities! 

July 25, 2023

John Wick Fans Rejoice: Premiere Dates Announced for 'The Continental' Prequel Series and 'The Ballerina' Spin-Off Movie!

The thrilling world of John Wick is expanding, and fans are in for a treat with two exciting additions to the franchise. First up is "The Continental," a prequel series that delves into the early days of the iconic Continental Hotel and its enigmatic manager, Winston, portrayed by Ian McShane. Directed and executive produced by Albert Hughes, the series promises to explore the hotel's intriguing past and the challenges faced by Winston as he takes over and shapes it into the neutral ground for assassins that fans know and love. The official premiere date for "The Continental" is set for Friday, September 22, with subsequent episodes airing in the following weeks.

But that's not all! "The Ballerina," another thrilling spin-off, is also on the horizon. Starring Ana de Armas, known for her impressive performances in action movies, the film is planned for release in June 2024. De Armas will play an assassin trained in the traditions of the Ruska Roma, much like Keanu Reeves' iconic character, John Wick. The film promises to deliver heart-pounding action and intense suspense as it explores the world of deadly assassins and their intriguing backstories. The cast also includes Ian McShane returning as Winston, Anjelica Huston reprising her role as The Director from John Wick 3, and Gabriel Byrne, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Norman Reedus in undisclosed roles.

As the John Wick universe continues to expand, fans can look forward to more thrilling stories and unforgettable characters. With "The Continental" and "The Ballerina" adding depth and intrigue to this action-packed franchise, it's safe to say that the world of John Wick is here to stay, offering fans even more reasons to be excited for the future of this iconic series. So mark your calendars, prepare for pulse-pounding action, and get ready to immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled world of John Wick once again! 

July 24, 2023

Rebel Moon Teases Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy on Netflix!

In a recent interview with Empire magazine, Zack Snyder revealed that his original pitch for Rebel Moon as a Star Wars movie faced significant obstacles. The pitch, which was initially intended to be a Star Wars film, centered around a space-set adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. However, Snyder's desire for a standalone story without pre-existing characters and a potential R-rating made the concept challenging for Disney, who had acquired Lucasfilm at that time.

Consequently, Rebel Moon found a new home at Netflix, where it was reimagined as a space opera. The story follows a young woman named Kora, tasked with assembling a team of warriors to defend her peaceful colony from an impending invasion led by the malevolent Regent Balisarius. The film stars Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, and many more talented actors, making it an eagerly awaited sci-fi fantasy epic.

Initially conceived as a single film, Rebel Moon expanded into a 172-page draft, leading Netflix and Snyder to divide the project into two separate movies. The first installment is set to premiere on December 22. Additionally, Snyder plans to offer two versions of each film: one for a wider audience and another with more explicit content tailored to adult viewers.

With this sneak peek into Rebel Moon, fans can anticipate a visually stunning and action-packed adventure set in a galaxy on the brink of chaos. The film promises to deliver the epic storytelling and visionary style that Snyder is renowned for, creating a thrilling addition to the sci-fi genre. So mark your calendars, as Rebel Moon is poised to captivate audiences and take them on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos.


July 23, 2023

The Walking Dead Spin-offs, 'Dead City' and 'Daryl Dixon,' Renewed for Season 2

AMC has thrilled fans with exciting news at San Diego Comic-Con, announcing the renewal of two thrilling spin-off series from The Walking Dead. Both The Walking Dead: Dead City and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be returning for Season 2, bringing more post-apocalyptic action to the small screen.

The Walking Dead: Dead City, starring Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, takes viewers on a gripping journey through a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, now overrun with the undead and unpredictable inhabitants. The first season's six episodes premiered on June 18, with the season finale set to air on July 23. Fans can't wait to see what awaits Maggie and Negan in Season 2 as they navigate the chaos of the isolated city.

On the other hand, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, featuring the iconic Norman Reedus, promises an entirely new and thrilling experience. The series follows Daryl's adventures through a broken yet resilient France, as he tries to find his way back home while forming unexpected connections along the way. The series is set to debut on September 10, and the network has already released an enticing trailer, teasing an apocalyptic landscape unlike anything seen before.

With the success of these spin-offs, AMC is doubling down on expanding The Walking Dead Universe. The network revealed that another spin-off centered around Rick and Michonne is in the works, titled The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, slated to launch in 2024. Fans can expect more thrilling adventures and heart-pounding moments as the franchise continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is helmed by showrunner and executive producer Eli Jorné, under the guidance of Scott M. Gimple, the chief content officer of The Walking Dead Universe. Cohan and Morgan also serve as executive producers for the show, ensuring that fans will get a captivating and unforgettable experience in the dangerous and thrilling world they inhabit.

The renewal of both Dead City and Daryl Dixon, along with the promise of more spin-offs in the future, assures fans that The Walking Dead Universe will continue to be an epic and enduring franchise for years to come. So, mark your calendars and get ready for more undead action as these two gripping series return for Season 2, taking viewers on exhilarating journeys through the post-apocalyptic world.

July 22, 2023

Star Wars Outlaws World Size?

Star Wars fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of Star Wars Outlaws, Ubisoft's first open-world game set in the beloved galaxy far, far away. Developed by Massive Entertainment, the game promises a thrilling experience with its hand-crafted planets for exploration, each roughly the size of two zones in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. While not on the scale of an entire country, the planets will offer players a vast space to roam and immerse themselves in, ensuring open-ended gameplay with a focus on player freedom to approach missions and activities in their unique ways. The developers are steering away from procedurally generated planets, instead opting for a more "manageable" approach to create distinct and meticulously crafted environments that players can explore.

Adding to the excitement is the influence of the 1970s cinematic era on Star Wars Outlaws. Creative director Julian Gerighty revealed that Massive Entertainment has gone to great lengths to recreate lenses from that era, incorporating film techniques such as vignetting, film grain, lens breathing, and lens flares, all subtly contributing to a more cinematic and immersive gaming experience. With a planned release in 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, Star Wars Outlaws aims to be the most ambitious Star Wars game yet, delivering a galaxy-spanning adventure filled with captivating gameplay and visual nostalgia. Before diving into the Star Wars universe, the development team will be taking a brief detour to work on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, promising a thrilling journey for gamers in both iconic franchises. 

Today's Umps Wouldn't Have Stood A Chance

AP Photo
Billy Martin, known for his fiery temperament and relentless pursuit of victory, managed several teams during his illustrious career, most notably the New York Yankees. When the calls on the field didn't go his way, he would erupt in a storm of fury, charging out of the dugout with eyes ablaze, ready to take on the umpires. His confrontations were often accompanied by a theatric kicking of dirt or a forceful toss of bases, capturing the attention of the entire stadium. On some occasions, Martin's anger would escalate to a physical altercation with the umpiring crew, leading to suspensions and fines. His explosive demeanor became synonymous with his managerial style, and umpires knew that an encounter with Martin was bound to be intense.

Manny Millan/SI

Earl Weaver, the legendary skipper of the Baltimore Orioles, stood at just 5 feet 7 inches tall, but he had an outsized presence when it came to arguing with umpires. He once famously said, "The only thing that matters is what happens on the little hump out in the middle of the field." Weaver's arguments were as animated as they were articulate, and he had a way of making his displeasure known without resorting to physical outbursts. His ability to present his case with passion and reason often left umpires flustered and occasionally questioning their own decisions. Known for his tenacity, Weaver would argue for his players and fight for what he believed was right, no matter the consequences.

When Billy Martin and Earl Weaver found themselves managing against each other, it was a collision of two baseball titans known for their umpire-scaring tactics. Their contests became legendary, with each trying to outwit and out-argue the other in their pursuit of victory. Umpires knew they were in for a challenging game whenever these two masters of confrontation were on opposing sides.

In today's game, the treatment of umpires has evolved, and the level of confrontation displayed by Martin and Weaver would likely not be as prevalent or tolerated. Modern baseball emphasizes respecting the umpires' authority, and managers can be ejected for excessive arguing or unsportsmanlike conduct. However, the memories of Billy Martin and Earl Weaver's relentless pursuit of victory and their confrontational approach to umpires remain etched in baseball history. They may have been controversial figures, but their passion for the game and their commitment to their teams left a lasting impact on the sport that continues to be remembered to this day.