April 27, 2016

Comfortably Numb

My musical tastes run the gamut of the  musical spectrum and in this time of grieving over the unexpected death of my musical idol Prince, I have turned to many different artists seeking solace in their music. While this has worked for the most part, occasionally I run into a song or video that throws a curve ball my way that I wasn't expecting.  Like the one I posted below.  Now, I am a huge Pink Floyd fan and have been for years so when I saw a video for David Gilmour playing Comfortably Numb, I thought great.  I love the song and that is exactly how I feel right now.  Win - win for me! Yeah, well, not so fast there sport.  I should have actually read the damn article.  Gilmour was playing a show at Royal Albert Hall in London to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Just when he gets to the second guitar solo is when he decides to throw me for a loop, check it out.

Yes, he just played the Purple Rain solo and they even had the stage lights go purple to go along with it.  He just gave Prince a tribute and never uttered a single word. Now I really am numb!!! Amazing.  Thank you, David Gilmour, for honoring the musical icon the world lost!!!!

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