November 14, 2014

Life is just a game!!!! Video game that is.

Not really but lately it has seemed that way for me.  Work has really been stressing me out lately so how have I dealt with it? I fired up the PS4 of course.  I haven't posted much on here about gaming, well, at least not in a while, so I thought I would throw out a few games I've been playing.  So, here we go.
First up is Destiny.  A while back I was anticipating the release of two games, Destiny and Battlefield Hardline.  I had pre-ordered both and time couldn't past fast enough.  A friend of mine, Simon, had posted on his blog that he was actually alpha testing Destiny and beta testing BH.  So I asked his opinion on the two and he said his money was going to Destiny.  So, valuing his opinion, I had decided to focus on Destiny.  That decision later became a moot point as BH was pushed back to next year.  Well, let me just say this now. SIMON WAS RIGHT!!!! Destiny was definitely a hit.  I loved the graphic and the interactive world.  Once I got it, I couldn't really stop playing.  I would get home from work around 11:00 pm and I would be up until 3 or 4 in the morning playing.  It was definitely my gaming addiction. After I finally completed the single player story line, I started looking for my next "fix" especially since I am not that much into playing online with people I don't know.
So my next fix came in the guise of basketball with NBA2k15.  Typical sports game with most of the standard features we are all used to but they did manage to mix it up a bit.  I usually create my own player and play in career mode. This time, instead of you being drafted and pretty much guaranteed a spot on the team, you are an undrafted rookie and have to play your way on to a team through a series of 10-day contracts.  So began my career in basketball. I thought about taking it to the next extreme with my "career" but decided not to.  What I mean is, I created a player in MLB The Show and played in career mode working my way up through the minor leagues.  But I didn't stop there.  I created a blog "about my life and struggle to make it to The Show."  I also created a Twitter account to go along with my player so "I" would have a social media presence.  Believe it or not, I actually had people following my player both on Twitter and the blog.  Anyway, I digress, so back to our originally scheduled programming.  After starting my career, that became my addiction after work.  That was until CoD:AW came out.
That's right folks.  Next up on my video game playlist is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  Typical CoD type game that I was able to run through pretty quickly (at least the single player mode).  It helped break the stress from work as I could come home and blow some stuff up (LOL!).  I finished up with it just in time too.  Because the day that I had been waiting for had finally arrived.  November 11th was finally here.  This happens to be my birthday but that's not why I was excited. Nope, not at all.  I was excited for the arrival of.....
Assassin's Creed Unity was here.  And that is where I am as we speak.  Exploring France and learning my trade as an assassin since some of the controls are different.  So far, it seems to be everything that I had hoped.  I'll try to keep you updated on how it's going but I have to go now.  France is calling!!!!!!!!

November 03, 2014

I recently discovered something about myself (Drive-by posting)

I'm absolutely almost positive I've become a novice expert at silently screaming carefully thought out spontaneous fictional facts.

Just saying!