September 04, 2014

Explanation of time according to Dr. Who?

As any of you who know me can attest, I am somewhat of a geek or a nerd.  More like an uber-geek I guess you could say.  Despite that, I have only just started watching Dr. Who on Netflix. I'm only on the third season but I am definitely hooked.  Anyway, while watching the episode from the third season with the "angels of death," The Doctor describes time to Sally Sparrow.  Now when he said it, I actually had to stop the show because I started laughing so hard.  Then I backed it up and watched it again.  Through the rest of the show, all I could think about was his definition but instead of The Doctor saying it, I imagined Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking saying it.  The entire thought of them lecturing to their colleagues and using The Doctor's definition caused me to laugh uncontrollably.  So, I jumped on the internet and Instagram and found several postings of The Doctor's quote about time.  The version I liked the best is below.  I got it off the internet and unfortunately I don't know the original creator of the pic but all credit show go to them.
Now, after reading that, can't you imagine Einstein standing up and talking to Erwin Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck or Niels Bohr? How about imagining it in Stephen Hawking's computerized voice?  It's probably just me but for some reason I think it is funny as hell.  I don't know.  Maybe it is just me. 

September 03, 2014

Just an unbelievable picture

So last night, after storms swept through the area, the world took on this surreal appearance that was hard to believe.  Everything had this ominous orange/yellow glow to it.  Someone, and I'm not sure who, managed to take this awesome shot of the downtown Nashville skyline during this time and they posted it on Instagram.  It was on @nashvilletn.  So all credit goes to the original photographer but I had to share his awesome picture with you.
I found out the original photographer is on Instagram and can be found at @wanderlustimagery so all credit to the picture above should go to them.