May 16, 2018

BB Is Watching U

Just as Miniluv and Minipax had their roles in 1984, I guess the alphabet agencies have their roles in 2018. I'm not for sure what it is but all I know is that Big Brother is watching. I would like to think that things would change. After the moral outcry in 2014 and the passing of the 2015 US Freedom Act, you thought that maybe some things would change at least a little. But no, things haven't changed at all. I just read an article that makes me think things are moving closer to a combination of 1984 and SkyNet. It seems that in 2017, the NSA, in accordance with the Freedom Act, received court orders to target 40 individuals with surveillance and obtain the metadata for their phones. Now from those 40 orders, they managed to sweep in 534 million call records from across the nation. 534,000,000 call records from just 40 court orders. Now how in the hell does that actually work out? I know I am just a lowly proletariat who is expected to sit idly by and occasionally participate in the 2-minute hate, but what the actual frack? This is some stuff straight out of , The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism if you ask me and if you haven't heard of that book, look it up. Now, I don't want to be guilty of thoughtcrime and then become an unperson because that would be doubleplusungood but you have to ask yourself what's going on? Ask yourself how can they do this? Knowledge is power and right now, they have all the knowledge. Educate yourself with what they are doing! Free yourself by freeing your mind and freeing your thinking! Wake up children before its too late and Room 101 is your fate!

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