July 18, 2017

Winter in July?

So winter has returned and it's the middle of July so that can only mean one thing - Game of Thrones is back! "The North remembers and Winter has come for House Frey!" and with those words Arya Stark kicked off season seven of HBO's epic series by killing off all the members of House Frey in one fell swoop.  This episode, titled Dragonstone saw a little bit of everything.  It saw Jon Snow, the newly crowned King of the North, begin to organize the defenses for the coming battle with Walkers.  Meanwhile, he still has to deal with the battle looming with the Lannisters as Cersei has crowned herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and declared anyone who doesn't take a knee before her a traitor.  Adding to Jon's frustration is dissention in the ranks as Sansa disagrees with him in open court and even goes as far as comparing him to Joffrey at one point before retracting that statement. 
Speaking of Cersei, she has invited the Greyjoy's to King's Landing in order to form an alliance but then declines their offer. Determined to win her affection, Euron Greyjoy vows not to return to King's Landing until he has something with which to win her over.
Meanwhile, we see Daenerys finally arrive in Westeros as she and her crew arrive on the shores at Dragonstone.  She slowly makes her way up to the castle, savoring every step of the journey with Tyrion Lannister following behind her.  The episode ends with her gazing over a war planning table with Tyrion and saying, "Shall we begin?" Now, being a Prince fan and also a twisted human being, I immediately thought of the song Computer Blue by Prince and changed the lyrics at the beginning.  Instead of Wendy and Lisa talking, I had Tyrion and Daenerys.  "Tyrion? Yes, Khaleesi! Is the water warm enough? Yes, Khaleesi! Shall we begin? Yes, Khaleesi!" Okay, okay, I know! I'm not right but then again, I never claimed to be.

Anyway, winter is here, the North remembers, alliances are forming and I can't wait to see what happens the rest of this season. I have a feeling we are in for one hell of a ride. Shall we begin?

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