July 10, 2014

You are a spork!!!!

So the other day I read about this waste of protoplasm up in New York who is suing ESPN, Major League Baseball, the announcers for the Red Sox - Yankees game and the New York Yankees for $10 million.  So what did they all do that was so bad?  This spork of the month (and spork of the year nominee) fell asleep in the stands during the 4th inning and ended up on the air.  Seriously. The cameras caught him asleep, the announcers made a few passing comments and then they went about their business of calling the game.  They never said anything derogatory or defaming but they are all being sued for defamation.  Seriously? Are you that big of a tool?  Who is this poster child for the need for retroactive abortion?  His name is Andrew Rector and he is definitely a spork! Check out the video below:

And here is the lawsuit:

And for those of you who don't know what a spork is, it is a part spoon and part fork that you get from a fast food place.  I always say that some people aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Others aren't even a knife.  So I call them sporks!!! In other words:

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